Book Spotlight

Dear authors, this is just for you!

I have been receiving quite a few review requests from authors lately and I felt bad for not being able to accept their invitation because I've been so busy with work and study. Plus, I have my ever growing pile of books to read & review (see my reading list). Hence, during the period which I'm unable to accept review requests, I will reserve Fridays to feature books by authors upon request! I'm opening my Friday slots to all authors who are interested. (One book per Friday). No other blog posts will be made on that day. You can:

  • Feature your book summary
  • Feature an excerpt
  • Feature a teaser
  • Do a simple author interview
  • Have a giveaway for readers
  • (All the above)
And it's simple! Just fill up the sign up form and I'll contact you shortly (as soon as I can) with a confirmation and a date!