Thursday, 2 February 2012

Exciting Start

I can't wait for February to end as it'll mean the end of examinations for me! Hurray!! Then I'll be able to concentrate on writing as much as I like! (I'm temporarily forgetting the need to search for a full-time job and the anxious wait for results to release as much as I can!)

All I have ever written are compositions when I was primary and secondary school, then I "upgraded" to writing argumentative essays in Junior College and then thesis in University. Wow! I wonder how many words have I written all these years in schools. Thinking back, I don't think I have used my time wisely when I was younger! I knew I like writing when I was twelve and was hooked one watching the Japanese Anime Cardcaptor Sakura. Since then, I have been writing fanfictions based on it and I enjoyed the time spent writing tremendously. However, that was all I did - writing fanfictions. That's was nothing bad of course! But then, I could have taken up writing classes and improve my writing and make my lifelong dream of becoming a writer & author come true. Nope, I did nothing of this sort until a few months ago. Now, I'm striving to create my own characters and my own stories. I signed up for a writing course and will be looking into writing better fiction! I believe nothing is ever too late!

In three weeks' time, I would have finished all my required papers for the Certified Public Accountant program. After that, I will be continuing with the draft outline of my first ever original work. I look forward to it! Meanwhile, I contend myself with my newfound love for Young Adult books.

You'll hear from me very soon. I promise!


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