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{Blog Tour} Mind Trace by Holly McCaghren

Mind Trace by Holly McCaghren
Paperback, 314 pages
Published November 16th 2012 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
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What would you do to possess unlimited knowledge and power?

Nineteen year-old Alice McArthur never had a choice. A shy girl from a small town, Alice has gained a reputation for her near-genius programming abilities, even getting the attention of EngineerCorp, a rising electronics empire. With her unique skill-set, she is hand-picked to test their network security by hacking into their global mainframe.

But something goes terribly wrong.

The next thing Alice knows, she wakes up on the floor with a migraine, unnatural powers, a server's worth of data in her head and the realization that this job was not what it seemed.

Now a fugitive from justice and on the run from the evil leader of a corporate empire, Alice doesn't know who to trust or where to turn. She must find a way to secure her freedom and stop those who would keep her prisoner for life -- or worse.

She wasn't sure if it was the clear fresh air, or just escaping from the "real world," but Alice felt as if a huge weight had been lifted from her shoulders. A smile found its way onto her face as she leapt on her bike, speeding away from the cabin. 
The roads near the lake, like all roads in the area, were extremely curvy and surrounded by dense forest. It gave one a sense of isolation, which Alice had always loved.
Nothing to distract from the quiet stillness of being close to nature.
Alice began to relax, the cool air whipping on her face as she sped down the winding roads.  She had travelled several miles, driving a little too fast, when she saw it. 
Her tires spun as she made her way around a bend in the trees. Trees rustled suspiciously near the road in front of her, and she didn't have time to wonder why as a huge deer darted from the undergrowth. It seemed as if time itself slowed, and she was looking expertly through some sort of dream-like lens.
The deer leapt out across the road. Alice knew that she would hit it if she continued at her current rate and direction. Her mind instantly calculated the parameters of the situation. The speed and weight of the deer, the speed of her motorcycle, her current path, the momentum of her bike, and the time before impact. 
Slowing down three miles and shifting thirty degrees to the right will produce successful impact prevention. 
Her reflexes were instantaneous. She gingerly applied the brakes, and expertly guided her bike in the direction her mind had decided would be acceptable. 
 Then, the spell broke and it seemed that time had again resumed its normal pace. Alice missed the deer by mere inches.  She slowed down and pulled over to the side of the road. Her heart was pounding with fear and excitement. She was of breath and stood, hunched over, with her hands on her knees. 
What. Was. That? 
About the author
I was born and raised in the Houston, Texas area, and have lived in Texas my whole life! (Gotta love humidity!)

Nothing makes me happier than settling down with a good book, but they aren’t always easy to find! Some of my favorites (in no particular order) include: Jane Eyre, The Blue Sword, Dracula, Ender’s Game, Heir to the Empire, and the Harry Potter series. I love a good scifi/fantasy book, but it certainly isn’t limited to that genre.

My first book was just published via Createspace, called “Mind Trace.” It is a science fiction/adventure novel, appropriate for all ages! It is currently available through (paperback and Kindle), (paperback), and the Createspace store.

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