Thursday, 10 July 2014

{Cover Reveal} The Social Media Experiment by Cole Gibsen

The Social Media Experiment by Cole Gibsen

Published on 2 September 2014
Genre: YA
Page Count: 320

On the surface, seventeen-year-old Reagan Fray appears to have everything. She's popular, Ivy League–bound, and her parents are rich enough to buy her whatever she wants. Behind the scenes, Reagan is a girl with an anxiety disorder struggling to hold the fraying threads of her life together. It takes work to stay on top, and when that fails, Reagan's learned from her politician mother that a little social espionage never hurts. That is, until the day Reagan finds all of her texts and private messages printed out and taped to every locker in her high school.

Finding herself ostracized from her friends and on the receiving end of the bullying she used to dish out, Reagan won't settle into her new role as social pariah without a fight. Determined to get back in with her friends and reclaim her social status before her mother finds out and sends her to boarding school, Reagan has no choice but to team up with outcast Nolan Letner.

But the closer Reagan gets to Nolan, the more she realizes all of her actions have consequences, and her future might be the biggest casualty of all.

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About the author

At seventeen, Cole found herself homeless with only a beat-up Volkswagen Jetta and a bag of Goodwill clothing to her name. The only things that got her through the nights she spent parked in truck stops and cornfields were the stacks of books she checked out from the library along with her trusty flashlight. Because of the reprieve these books gave her from her troubles, Cole vowed to become a writer so she could provide the same escape to readers who needed a break the reality of their own lives.

What are your thoughts are seeing the cover and reading the blurb? Will you pick up the book?


  1. Nasyrah Nordin10 July 2014 at 12:25

    The cover looks nice and the blurbs sounds interesting., I'm going to check out this one.

  2. The cover literally screams "Read me!" :)

  3. I cannot image my private thoughts, letters, etc going out on the web. Interesting concept.

  4. Ooo this sounds good. I'm so glad all this social media stuff wasn't around when I was in high school. I narrowly missed it.

  5. Look at how fast technology advances!