Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Amanda Rose by Karen Robards

Genre: Historical Romance (Adult)
Publication Date: March 15, 2001
Format: ebook
Source: Loaned from Overdrive
Rating: 5/5 Stars

Goodreads Summary:
New York Times bestselling author Karen Robards deliciously mixes adventure and romance in her beloved tale of a buccaneer and a convent girl -- a romance so magnificent it will make your pulse pound and your heart rejoice. 

Orphaned heiress Lady Amanda Rose Culver wanted to run from the injured man she found on the rocky shore near her convent school. But his hard-muscled hand stopped her even before she saw the pain and longing in his eyes. And she trembled, not with fear, but with a desire to believe in his story, his innocence, his passion. 

New World privateer Matt Grayson, unjustly accused of murder by the British Crown, has narrowly escaped hanging. Now his freedom depends on winning this beautiful girl's co-operation so he can sail back to New Orleans. He never meant to hold her captive on his ship. He never meant to fall in love....

My Opinion:
Love the way Karen Robards spins her story. Plot is typical but somehow when Karen puts her characters together, it turned magical and lovely! I simply adore Amanda's courageous personality! Worth reading.


  1. The synopsis looks fun! The cover, not so much. Haha..

    1. Ah. Haha! This is the cover for the ebook. The paperback version is tantalizing.