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{Book Review} Neverdark by C.S. Einfeld

Neverdark by C.S. Einfeld
Paperback, 260 pages
Published December 9th 2011 by Goethe Books (first published November 17th 2011)
Genre: Fantasy
Source: Provided by author in exchange for an honest review.
Rating: 4/5 Stars

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Goodreads Summary:
Warning! This book contains (1) very kick-butt Faerie Princess, an Evil Dark Lord, a rhino-beetle named "Gor", Dragonfly Riders, Bat Brigades and an extremely adorable, fluffy, pet firefly with anger-management issues.

From The Blurb:
The Faeries of Southnut are in big trouble. Lord Darkwater is up to no good.

The White Castle of Doru is under attack by the greatest army Princess Fiera's ever seen. Lord Darkwater is poised to crush her tiny kingdom unless the king gives Fiera up to become his wife.

Well, fffungus! She's having none of that!

The race is on for Fiera to outwit Lord Darkwater's Dragonfly Riders, Bat Brigades, and even a giant, faerie-eating Spider to save herself and, before it's too late, her whole world.

My Opinion
To save her kingdom and to save herself from an unwanted marriage between the evil Lord Darkwater and herself, Princess Fiera took off secretly in search of the only thing to salvage the situation--to seek Old Mother Oak Tree before her coronation or Lord Darkwater's army will invade her kingdom. Will she make it within 3 days before anyone noticed that she was missing?

Neverdark is about the journey of a brave, courageous and friendly princess (with a temper) to save her kingdom. It emphasizes on the overcoming many obstacles and befriending many creatures on her journey and seeking their help. This book will definitely keep tweens really entertained! There's danger and action everywhere! Plus, there are little illustrations in this book though a little small in ebooks, but still it acts as a visual guide for tweens.

The happy ending for everyone makes me feel that I'm reading a fairytale. The story is meaningful and demonstrates to all that one should never give up in whatever they do and to overcome all challenges to reach their goals. I have to say that I've enjoyed reading Neverdark and recommend this book for parents to get it for their children.

  • “Again,” answered Lady Gooseberry, “your questions are many, and I am sorry dearest, but my answers are few. But I do know this: no quest, no matter how easy or hard, is ever accomplished without first the will to see it done. So, you have the will, and where there is a will, there is a way. Now, we must hurry. You must leave within the hour.”

  • “Fool of a scout!” he snarled, “Yelling in the tunnel only declares our position to every enemy for leagues in all directions! Next time, use your head and hold your tongue, or I’ll relieve you of them both!”
    Fiera was startled by Mandabull’s anger. Scout 63 was not. “Charming as ever,” he whispered to the princess with a wink. “Alright, alright, I’m sorry—won’t happen again, Sir!” he said more audibly to Mandabull.

  • “Cyclone!” exclaimed Darkwater, “At least you didn’t desert me.”
    Lady Gooseberry, who had ordered him stabled before the last soldier flew off, knew otherwise, but decided against admitting it now. “No harm in letting him keep that small comfort,” she smiled to herself.

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  1. I normally find middle grade a little too young for me, but the one exception to this seems to be some middle grade fantasy. The action and adventure normally keeps my interest. Thanks for introducing me to a new book, this one looks like it could be good!

    1. It has a fairytale-like feel to it. A little young but it didn't stop me from finishing it. Hope you'll enjoy it if you get the book. :)

  2. thank you Michelle for your lovely review!! I'm so glad you enjoyed NEVERDARK. :o)