Friday, 6 July 2012

{Blog Tour Review} Dreamwalker by Andrea Heltsely

Dreamwalker by Andrea Heltsley
Series: Persephone's League of Immortals #1
Kindle Edition, 1st, 434 pages
Published May 23rd 2012 (first published May 22nd 2012)
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4/5 Stars

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Goodreads Summary:
Noel Kennedy lost her boyfriend, her job and her dignity all in one week. Then something happened and she began to dream of this stranger she had never met. She couldn’t resist the man of her dreams named Jared especially when she met him in real life. Entranced, she slowly unraveled a world she was meant to stay out of. Her life was not what she thought it was once a sexy Boone stepped into the mix and shook things up. Can she escape a life of servitude or immortality for a chance at love?

My Opinion
I must say I love the pretty cover! The colour combination is fantastic! The night sky and the font is very eye catching, which was what drew me to the book. When I saw the cover and the title of the book (and the summary of course), I'm convinced I want to read the book.

Noel is just a normal girl who just lost her boyfriend. Big news. Because of that, she withdrawn herself and mope around at home, resulting in the loss of her job. Wait... Did I say Noel is a normal girl? That is only the start of the story! Things are not what it original seems to be and as you read along, you will find out more about Noel's best friend, Autumn. Things got a little more interesting and exciting when Noel started dreaming about this hot stranger and then got thrust into something dangerous. Her past unravelled and Noel must decide who she can trust in such a sticky situation. Who exactly can she trust? Her long-time best friend, Autumn, stranger in the dream Jared or his partner, Boone?

I love the concept of Dreamwalker and the magical elements that the author has written. I was drawn to the world the author has created. Dreamwalker is a refreshing read and I find myself looking forward to Noel's dream with that sexy stranger and was happily rewarded when I got the name Jared. I also enjoyed reading the friendship between Noel and Autumn because it seemed real. The way Autumn encouraged Noel to get out of the house and stick with her through the danger is a real show of true friendship. Do I need to say that Jared is hot? Totally hot! Lots of interaction between Noel and Jared in the dreams. Some, or rather most, are really steamy and heated.Enjoyable. Boone came into the picture when Jared went missing. As Jared's partner, he came to Noel to look for him. That's when the two met. Lots of danger and action from then on. The only thing I have against Dreamwalker is Noel's indecisiveness towards the end but it did resolve so it's great.

Dreamwalker has great storyline, great actions, wonderful characters and is totally unpredictable. If you like the idea of meeting someone sexy in your dreams, this book is totally for you. Totally magical and a page-turner. The ending left me wanting to read even more! Can't wait for read more about Noel, Autumn, Jared, Boone and one additional character! I'd recommend to mature readers because of some sexy scenes!

About the Author: Andrea Heltsley
I am a biology nerd who decided it was more fun writing than dissecting. I have written two novels and my third will be out this summer. I live on coffee and read like a robot. My husband and two italian greyhounds usually have to tear me away from the computer...imagine that. :)


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