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{ebook Review} TimeRiders by Alex Scarrow

TimeRiders by Alex Scarrow
Series: TimeRiders #1
ebook, 416 pages
Published August 31st 2010 by Walker Childrens

Genre: YA Science Fiction
Source: Borrowed
Rating: 4/5 Stars

Maddy should have died in a plane crash. Liam should have died at sea when the Titanic sank. Sal should have died in a tragic fire. But a mysterious man whisked them away to safety.

Maddy, Liam, and Sal quickly learn that time travel is no longer just a hope for the future; it is a dangerous reality. And they weren’t just rescued from their terrible fates. . . they were recruited for the agency of TimeRiders created to protect the world from those seeking to alter the course of history for personal gain.

By reliving the highly documented events in New York City on 9/11, they can closely monitor history for any deviations—large or small. When just such a change is detected, they are alerted that a threat is at hand unleashing the evil of the Nazis to wreak havoc with Earth’s present and future. Can Maddy, Liam, and Sal fulfill their destinies as keepers of time to save the world from utter destruction?

An exhilarating adventure that shifts readers back in time to Nazi Germany and then forward into an ever-changing present.
I happened to see this book on one of my book shopping trip and was immediately intrigued by its cover. When I found out that it was a book on time travel, I knew I have to read this book. I was surprised when I flipped to the contents page because there's so many chapters! There is a total of 93 chapters but each chapter wasn't lengthy so it's kind of a fast read. 

The author had a way with capturing my attention from the beginning. There's almost actions in every chapter. The story begins with Liam and Maddy and the dangerous situation in which they were in, both of which led to their ultimate deaths but they were picked up by a mysterious man before death actually happened. Sal was already picked up by the man earlier. So the three were brought back to build a team. They were chosen for their skills and to make things unique for the book, all of them were from a different year so it is amusing to read their reactions to the more advanced gadgets (especially Liam who was saved from the Titanic). They were a group formed to stop time distortions so that history was not rewritten. And the story goes on. 

I took one star off because it was confusing at certain parts, especially in the dangerous situation nearer to the end. I kept wondering why and how did it happen. Also, I dislike what happened to Bob and you will have to read what happened to him on your own. They were all the agency was left with and I'm really curious about what will happen next after the first wave was cleared. Looking forward to reading book 2! Fans of time travel will enjoy TimeRiders!

Opening paragraphs:
'Anyone left here on deck E?' cried Liam O'Connor. His voice echoed down the narrow passageway, bouncing off the metal walls. 'Anyone down here?'

It was silent save for the muffled cries and clatter of hasty footsteps coming from the deck above and the deep mournful creak of the ship's hull, stressing and stretching as the bow end of the ship slowly dipped below the ocean's surface.

(I was reading on my phone and I didn't manage to highlight the quotes and hence I substituted it with opening paragraph)
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