Thursday, 30 August 2012

{Adult ebook Review} My Boogie Woogie Bugle Guy by D.L. Jackson

My Boogie Woogie Bugle Guy by D.L. Jackson 
ebook, First, 46 pages
Published June 1st 2012 by Decadent Publishing

Genre: Adult erotic romance
Source: Review copy from publisher
Rating: 4/5 Stars
Goodreads Summary:
When Grace Daniels goes to the cemetery to visit the grave of her twin brother, she meets a soldier, there for the same reason, or at least that’s what she believes until he tells her about the blind date her brother arranged before he was killed in combat.

It’s the date of her dreams. Big band, brass and sass, Madame Eve from 1NightStand has set her up for an unforgettable night, a WWII swing dance party. Unfortunately, she’s having trouble letting go of her past and is afraid to take the chance given to her.

Sergeant Frank Winters is an Army trumpet player who travels with the Color Guard, a great dancer, and six feet four inches of eye candy that could make her an addict. He’s also a soldier and soldiers can get killed. Grace doesn’t have the heart to lose someone again, but Frank knows a good thing when he sees it, and he’s determined to show her in one night, she’s got more to lose if she walks away.
I really like the way the two of them met as it was really appropriate, given their circumstances. Grace lost her brother while Frank lost his friend. Because of her brother, Frank had to find Grace to fulfill his part of her brother's wish. Will Grace go with the one night stand that her brother had arranged for her, knowing that he might not be able to return from his deployment?

As I've mentioned, I like the idea of two people having to meet up because something happened. In this case, it was the death of Grace's brother and his letter and arrangement with Madame Eve. I was a little surprised that Grace had to meet Frank at the cemetery while he was drunk. Seriously? I was a little worried about what would happen next because of his silliness. Luckily, I was not disappointed. I enjoyed the entire story and its humor portion. However, I do feel the ending was a little rushed and I was hoping for a little gossip from Grace's neighbor. That would be fun!

I have enjoyed reading this book and I feel that it is a great read for those military lovers!


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