Friday, 14 December 2012

{Blog Tour Interview} Ada Adams - author of ReAwakened

Today, I'm happy to welcome Ms Ada Adams for a little interview!
She's the wonderful author for the following:


How would you describe your Angel Creek Trilogy?
“Angel Creek” takes a bit of a different approach to the vampire genre. I was inspired by our society’s obsession with vampires and wanted to address the question: “What would happen if they really existed?” The series has some humor, but is also filled with lots of action and adventure. I wouldn’t necessarily classify is as a Paranormal Romance because there is a lot more butt-kicking than kissing, but it definitely doesn’t lack in the cute boys department!

I enjoyed reading ReAwakened! I find the idea of vampires integrating with the human society interesting and I so love the tension between Dawn and Sebastian. Here comes my question: which was your favorite chapter (or part) and why?
I’m very happy to hear that! I loved introducing Razor to both Dawn and the readers. He was such a fun character to write, because he has a very unique philosophy on life. Dawn needed someone to bring her out of her shell, and Razor was a perfect blend of teasing and caring! Dawn and Sebastian had a very rough ride in “ReAwakened”, so to see how far they’ve come during the “gazebo scene” both melted and broke my heart. That has to be one of my favorite Dawn and Sebastian moments! That note was all Sebastian! <3

Are there any difficulties or challenges you faced while writing the series?
For me, the biggest challenge when writing is to ensure that the characters aren’t a 100% perfect. Even though I’m writing about vampires, I want them to have human-like faults and weaknesses. Finding a way to tell a good story with imperfect characters is probably the greatest issue I’ve faced as a writer. As well, “getting the word out” about the series is another challenge. I’m very grateful for the support of bloggers and readers who have recommended the books to their friends!

While you were writing, did you ever feel that you were one of the characters?
While I sometimes sympathize with my characters, I never imagine myself as one of them. I like to see my characters as completely unique entities, existing as separate beings from myself as the writer. I enjoy watching them grow and develop, and while I don’t always agree with each and every one of their actions, I definitely understand the reasons behind the things they do. Even Aurora, believe it or not.

Where is your favorite writing spot?
My favorite writing spot in the world is at the cottage. It’s a very remote spot (without electricity and running water), surrounded by woods and a beautiful lake. I love drawing inspiration from nature and the feeling of solitude it brings about. It’s as if only my characters, the story, and I exist during that time.

What do you usually do when you are not writing?
I read and also act. I love escaping to imaginary worlds, you could say! :)

Is there anything that you would like to say to your readers and fans?
I’m extremely grateful for their support. I love being able to entertain others with my crazy, overactive imagination. It truly makes my day to receive an email from a reader, telling me that they’ve enjoyed my characters and the story! Thank you!


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