Saturday, 9 February 2013

{Review} Kill Me Softly by Sarah Cross

Kill Me Softly by Sarah Cross
Genre: YA Fantasy/Paranormal
Published April 10th 2012 by EgmontUSA
Source: Borrowed
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Mirabelle's past is shrouded in secrecy, from her parents' tragic deaths to her guardians' half-truths about why she can't return to her birthplace, Beau Rivage. Desperate to see the town, Mira runs away a week before her sixteenth birthday—and discovers a world she never could have imagined.

In Beau Rivage, nothing is what it seems—the strangely pale girl with a morbid interest in apples, the obnoxious playboy who's a beast to everyone he meets, and the chivalrous guy who has a thing for damsels in distress. Here, fairy tales come to life, curses are awakened, and ancient stories are played out again and again.

But fairy tales aren't pretty things, and they don't always end in happily ever after. Mira has a role to play, a fairy tale destiny to embrace or resist. As she struggles to take control of her fate, Mira is drawn into the lives of two brothers with fairy tale curses of their own... brothers who share a dark secret. And she'll find that love, just like fairy tales, can have sharp edges and hidden thorns.

RATING: 3.5 out of 5 Stars

A unique and creative story that takes fairy tales to another level. Curses are everywhere in Beau Rivage, where Mira is not allowed to go but that's exactly where she sneaks off before her birthday. There, she meets this pair of brothers and slowly unraveled what exactly is going on in the town of Beau Rivage and how she became part of it. The solution in the end seems to simple to my liking hence 3.5 Stars. Kill Me Softly is for those who enjoy reading fairy tale and don't mind the dark theme in this book.


  1. I've been wanting to check this book out for the longest! I don't mind a few fairy tale retellings. I might give this a try!

    Janina @ Synchronized Reading

  2. I love dark reads and this has been on my wishlist. Great review!

  3. Oh I remember reading this and it was interesting! Great review! Haha Haven't been on your site forever and reminded me that I need to start working on my new layout haha ^^

  4. I want to read this book so bad. And the cover is beautiful which is a huge plus.