Sunday, 2 June 2013

Asian Festival of Children's Content (AFCC) 2013

25-30 May 2013

This was my first time attending such big event! I'm deeply honored to be able to participate in the panel discussion Fostering Relationships within the Blogging Community, together with panelist Vivian Kirkfield and Marjorie Coughlan as well as Moderator Aun Koh

A lot of myths maintain you can’t make real friends on the Internet, but you know better by now. Join Michelle Chew, Vivian Kirkfield, and Marjorie Coughlan as they talk about building and growing communities and relationships online.
It was a session in which Vivian, Marjorie and I shared some resources and tips on blogging and fostering relationships. It ended with an engaging Q&A session in which we share our views on some issues raised by fellow participants. Thank you Aun for moderating our session! We'll be sharing our presentation slides as soon as I have the approval of all panelists so that you can take a look as well.

I've also attended author Candy Gourlay and blogger Steph Su's Blogging Today and Tomorrow session where they shared/debated on what's working and what's not working in the blogging scene. It was a fun and enjoyable session!

There's also a book bazaar where I couldn't help but grab a few books. The temptation is just so great! And there's some free picture books in our participant's package. So... here's my loot:
Thanks Vivian for the wonderful book which I can't wait to share with my cousins/aunts so that they are able to interact with their kids via some hands on activities! Thanks Marjorie for the yummy toffee (not in picture)! And Candy, yes I bought your book! :D

So here's a picture of me and Candy:
More pictures will be posted soon!

Attending AFCC 2013 is indeed an eye-opening experience for me as it is the first event that I have to come out from behind my laptop screen as a book blogger to share my views. It's fun and I get to meet so many people and make new friends. I really look forward to attending AFCC in the following years to come! 

Thank you AFCC and Singapore Book Council for organizing the wonderful event!


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