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{Review} Suddenly Beautiful by Boone Brux

Suddenly Beautiful
Author: Boone Brux
ebook, 250 pages
Published June 10th 2013 by Entangled: Covet
Genre: Adult Paranormal
Source: Review copy (In exchange for honest review)
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Being the son of Aphrodite isn’t a walk in the clouds. Rebelling against his demi-god status, billionaire make-up mogul Toraos Stephanos fights to separate his personal life and the immortal world by swearing off demi-god girlfriends forever. Too bad his newest employee can't take the hint.

Though Nikki secretly pines for her smoking hot boss, no way will she jeopardize her job and independence professing her love to a guy so clearly out of her league. Too bad that leaves her with only imagining him naked and thinking evil thoughts about the new girl. After a single bottle of Ambrosia and one night of passion... Nikki finally thinks she has a chance with the man of her dreams. But the next morning, Tor pretends like nothing happened, leaving Nikki with an emerging drive for combat—after all, turns out she is the daughter of Ares and she's about to make her mama proud.

All is fair in love and war... and Nikki's not about to let anyone forget it.

RATING: 4 out of 5 Stars

Suddenly Beautiful is such a fun read that have me laughing at many parts of the story! And Mythology is definitely a plus point in this book with its wonderful characters.

Demigod, demigoddess, gods and goddesses came together in Suddenly Beautiful, revolving around Nikki and her boss Toraos, and the fateful night when her boss was drunk with Ambrosia and Nikki ended up staying with him. However, Tor pretends as if nothing happened. What Nikki didn't know turned up to be life-changing!

The characters in Suddenly Beautiful are realistic and easily relatable. There's lots of hilarious situations in the book which I really appreciate. The paranormal element suited the book just nice and matched the personalities of each characters. I especially love the relationship between Nikki and Tor and Nikki and Ares. It's actually heart-warming to read about how Ares's slow acceptance. This is a really great read and enjoyable! If you are looking for a fun HEA read, this would be it!


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  1. Wow, this sounds like just my kind of book - funny, sexy & a HEA! I love books that can make me laugh :) Thanks for the great review...I've just added this one to my TBR list!!!

    Amy @ The Reading Realm