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{Review} Bumbling Through Hong Kong by Tom Schmidt

Bumbling Through Hong Kong
Author: Tom Schmidt
Series: Bumbling #3
Paperback, 144 pages
Published March 23rd 2013 by Kakibubu Media Limited
Source: Review copy (in exchange for honest review)
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Bumbling Through Hong Kong is an educational yet comical adventure through the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, and its many manmade and natural environments. The reader is taken on an entertaining journey of discovery by following the misadventures of a fictitious cast of bumbling characters as they stumble across the cultural traditions, natural assets and historic relics of Hong Kong; including the numerous environmental and social challenges faced by one of the most densely inhabited places on the planet. With over 190 beautifully hand-drawn black and white illustrations, the book's day-by-day account of the bumbling backpackers' journey through Hong Kong seeks to instill the reader with an environmental and cultural awareness of the territory's rapidly changing situation and an appreciation of its natural and cultural assets.
RATING: 5 out of 5 Stars

An architect, a carpenter and a nurse went on a journey to unravel the mystery behind the scripts on the parchment fragment that was entrusted to Bob. It was a coincidence that the script of the parchment was actually very similar to the tattoos that Helga has around her waist. They needed the person who understand the script and that was what led the group running off to Hong Kong through a serious of unfortunate (but fun) events.

Bumbling Through Hong Kong was the third book in the series. I read the third book without reading the first two, so I missed out a lot in terms of some potential interesting characters from the previous books. It was easy to catch up as there is a short prologue on what happened in the first two books which then brought the characters to Hong Kong. If you thought that this is just another travel book then you are wrong. Bumbling Through Hong Kong went beyond your normal travel book and infused some fun, facts and serious issues faced in Hong Kong. I would say that this is a highly educational book for those who would like to know more about Hong Kong.

The characters in the book are bubbly and they just kept going on despite encountering hurdles and setbacks. I could feel their excitement as they went one step closer to what they were seeking. The numerous amazing illustrations did a great job in bringing out the minor details of the story and of Hong Kong. There is at least one illustration on every page and each illustration is very detailed.

The pacing of the story was pretty fast as Bob and the gang went from one place to another in search of the one who could decipher the script. I was thoroughly entertained as I followed Bob’s journey.  Besides the main storyline, little articles and information on Hong Kong were inserted into the book which served to explain certain events, items or locations in which the characters were in. These were highly informative and showed even more about Hong Kong!

Overall, Bumbling Through Hong Kong is a fun, informative and engaging read which is also pleasing to the eyes. I just can’t help but admire each illustration in the book. I’ll definitely recommend this book to  those who loves travelling or just want to know a little more about Hong Kong!

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